As I go through short stories that I had finished, yet not submitted, I found one that I think typlifies the Texan's attitude and pride in their state. It's titled
"Everything's Bigger in Texas." I'll send you the story for free if you request it using my contact form.

The small town where I live is lovely, with a flowing river, lots of hills and foliage, plus deer who come visit the common area at the side of my house. My cat Tess loves to lie on the floor of our screened-in porch and watch them. I join her early in the morning before the heat arrives and enjoy the warbling chee-chees and chirps of the birds.

I have met other writers and now belong to an in-person writers' group that meets once a week at a local community center. It's a humbling experience to have other writers critique your work and shows the importance of editing. 

Only around fifty pages left to write for my second in a series cozy mystery. The first, Fowl Play, is now being revised for publication next Spring. The current novel is titled Red Flag for Murder, both featuring a fiesty protagonist Darby Alexander and her best friend Lurlene Culpepper. I'm excited about this series and hope you will enjoy it. More to come.

I'll be revising my second romantic suspense novel in my critique group. My plans are to have it ready for publication in 2025. Although it features a different protagonist from the spunky Geri Whittier in High Desert Heat, this one also features a protagonist who wants to start a new life, but finds herself entangled in love and murder.

Lastly, I'm writing more short stories, or as they're more commonly known, flash fiction pieces and submitting them for publication. I'll announce on Facebook when they appear in print for you to enjoy, plus I'll offer them free from this website from time to time.